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We are a team of five based mostly in Czech Republic, with one member from Slovakia. All of us are students, therefore our budget is limited. All of us are very passionate about the work we do, doesn't matter if it is 3D modelling, programming or gaming, and everything we do we do mainly for fun. Any internet fame is welcomed as a nice plus. We develop all kinds of PC games in Unity3D. Our two, still pretty much unfinished games are Barely Christmas and 2 Expensive 2 Break.

Our team

Václav Kozák

CEO, lead programmer, UI designer, sound engineer

Hi! My name is Václav and I make the team work and bring the game to life. Sometimes I also create the UI or make some audio assets for the game.

Jakub Mičkech

Programmer, writer, level designer

Hello! My name is Jakub and I help Václav to run things, both when it comes to management or code. Since I´m probably the best of us when it comes to English, most of those fancy, but still not mistake-proof texts you read were written by me.

Tomáš Krajčovič

3D and 2D artist

Hi! I'm Tomáš and I'm the only team member from Slovakia. I take care of game's visual part, mainly 3D stuff, but that doesn't mean I can't do 2D things. I wanted to add some cool quote here, but I've forgotten it.

Matyáš Juříček

3D artist, sound engineer

Hi! I'm Matyáš and my main job is to create environment and visual part of the game. I also create the music for the game.

Jakub Blaha

2D artist

Hi! My name is Jakub and in a nutshell, I do all of those leftover tasks nobody else has time to do. I also do most of the icons and logos.


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